I am an activist in bringing clarity to the twisted words & shining light on the hidden, corrupt actions of our government.  

I am a Black womyn with a passion to change the system.

I am a change in this world. 

I am a revolutionary. 

Be the Change You Wish To Seek

Be the Change You Wish To Seek

Hello, my name is Shantavia Thomas. I am a Journalism major (Communications minor) in my third year at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. Keeping active on my campus is a goal I have set & reached for my college career. I am an active member in three clubs (Haraya, Food4Thought, & Habitat for Humanity) & may add a couple more to the roster. I write for the St. John’s newpapers, The Torch, as well as for the Haraya blog.

It’s known on campus that I give much of my time to civil rights activism, but I do much more in that area off campus. I work with different organizations in helping to educate POC (People of Color) on the realities of being Black in this country & how you can beat a system that is sep-up for our failure. I am determined to make a change that will effect generations after me & start a movement that will create a ripple effect in the future.

I’ve chosen this topic for the website because it’s a long forgotten dilemma that has been pulled out of the media, like much of the POC’s struggle. The incarceration rate of young, Black men is growing each year & it’s frightening to see how little the government is doing to change this. Many factors go into this growing epidemic: the stop-and-frisk law here in NY is a reform that needs to be reviewed ( in 2011 87% of the individuals that were stopped were Black & Latino men*), racial profiling, & a perpetual system that hasn’t changed since the 1800s. I hope this page not only makes you think about the (in)visible actions that are going on in our communities, but makes you want to effect a change as well. We need to look out for each other, because no one else will. My little brother is nine years old & will grow up in a country where his face is a bull’s eye. I want to erase the target on my little brother’s forehead.

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Inform. Educate. Take Action. 


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